Reddington is escaping into their brand new girlfriend’s lifetime, simply to discover their lives hemorrhaging into — and endangering — hers.

The Blacklist

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If are a global crime lord with a cardiovascular system of silver is Raymond Reddington’s earliest lifetime in the Blacklist, and being a top-secret informant for a top-secret FBI chore power was their 2nd life, subsequently getting a small-town Lothario who sucks at bridge are their next life. Whilst ends up, three concurrently existed everyday lives is only one way too many. Because wherever Raymond Reddington goes, indeed there he is still — including whenever that destination may be the little home town of a woman the guy fell deeply in love with in main Park, just who he is since become cheerfully using to leave the truth of resides 1 and 2.

Month 8 enjoys observed most change for Reddington. He made a buddy in Harold Cooper, forgotten a confidante in Elizabeth enthusiastic, and obviously fell so in love with Anne — nice, stunning, beautiful, nowadays entirely put at risk Anne. Because no matter what a lot he adjustment or expands, Red cannot outrun their last. “It may not end up being whom you want to be,” Dembe tells Reddington, speaking about his lives that’s filled with crazy-eyed Townsend, invisible Liz, and jobs on FBI in place of Anne. “But it’s constantly who you are.”

Dembe is correct — we understand it, and Reddington knows they too. So I particularly valued the parallel, 165 attacks into The Blacklist’s run, of watching Red once more head into a police force agencies, put their hands above his mind, declare himself a wanted fugitive, and switch himself to the authorities being protect a woman the guy loves. Some things never transform…

And therefore the concern need to be elevated, specifically given the match of the two most women coming face to face by occurrence’s conclusion: were Reddington’s motives to protect Anne in the same manner destined by strategies as his objectives to safeguard Liz have been? While very, how can Reddington secure both when one stall as a primary menace to another?

This episode starts approximately a sitcom and a rom-com. Reddington’s sight is glazed over with hearts as his accountant rambles on about Bitcoin, and soon after, as Dembe rambles on regarding the grave risk Townsend presents to Red, and how Red was the one who trained your that the best possible way to stay in front of the opponents were to never produce models to allow them to notice —

Yada, yada, yada, Reddington just desires arrive at Anne, who he has got it seems that seen in Cottonwood drops, Kan., five times since we last noticed your regretfully stand the girl up for what needs to have started their own best day in new york. Nevertheless now right here he or she is, permitting themselves into Anne’s house with one of the keys she gave him regarding most purpose, halfway-charming and halfway-annoying her family with how dreadful he or she is at bridge. Her absolute best buddy are Lois, a police policeman that is tired of just how little Anne is aware of the girl new sweetheart, Ray.

Anne insists that she understands sufficient. She knows that Raymond was kinds, and cultured, and then he drops asleep during movies, no matter how much the guy swears the guy will not. She understands that their company is going right on through a hard energy because, as Red informs their, “something We have worked for many years to build and secure has reached possibilities.”

She simply doesn’t see he is Raymond Reddington. And so, she additionally does not be aware of the method of danger that their high-risk lifestyle poses to this lady. However it doesn’t take long discover, because Dembe had been best: Two visits to Cottonwood Falls might be a coincidence, but five visits to Cottonwood drops try a pattern visible adequate to secure Raymond and Anne’s commitment on Townsend’s radar. Red starts spotting nondescript vans around town during their week-end visit, when the guy views one near Anne’s household, the guy directs the girl around for sandwiches. He then marches across the street, verifies the man acting to be effective for an electrical providers exactly who really works for Townsend, and immediately slits their throat there regarding the sidewalk.

Vacation period = over.

Red rushes to area, places the snacks Anne purchased, and initiate carefully pressuring this lady off the street and into a store. Anne is frightened and mislead, two ideas that intensify when Red hands the lady a gun, forces this lady inside a closet, and says to her to shoot if anyone starts the doorway.

Luckily, she doesn’t have to achieve that…

But only because she ends up watching through slatted door as the girl brand new boyfriend smothers the one who was about to take her. “I’m not the person you thought I am,” Red informs Anne while he brings the lady back outside of the dresser. “You will find another lifetime, hence lives has actually discover us here now — our company is at risk, and that I have to keep you secure.” Its at this point that i must believe Anne going desiring she’d just came across some one the old-fashioned way (Tinder), in the place of an enchanting birdwatching meet-cute in core Park.